BackStage Ideology

The spaces in-between two physical containers is interstitial. In Order to understand the physical container's  mass in three dimensions or even it's "flatness," the space around and in-between must be rendered more or less obvious through design. A depression of foundation into a site pronounces a mass in a field above it's surroundings. Foundation is not mixed with the surrounding earth, but placed into it. Creating a space in-between structure and soil; man and earth. This space in-between is where "Delamic" is made. 

"To architecture,  interstitial space is commonly a result. two or more organizations in adjacency result in a middle ground or empty space between."

"Delamic," Actively seeks to plan interstitial space to define a project as inverted. Attempting to invert the public of a unrecognized side of popular culture. To embrace a  culture that exists in-between two or more solid masses in Hollywood. For the hands behind the camera, the ones who stand between the magic on set and the executive branches; the crew.


This beginning with the cataloging in three zones.


1. Foreground (Actors, sets, and props)

2. In-between (The crew, camera, and frame)

3. Behind (Executive, producers, directors, marketing, etc.)


1. In-between

2. Foreground

3. Behind

4. In-between

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