Chillz | Frozen Yogurt

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Grand Terrace | CA.

Owner/ Client | Dan Caldwell

Interiors design | Cherryl Alan Design Group

      “Chillz” the penguin, is a mascot for the popular frozen yogurt establishment “Chillz Frozen Yogurt” originated in Grand Terrace, California. The frozen Yogurt store’s interior branding and design were arranged by Cherryl Seminario of the Cherryl Alan Design Group. Cherryl, approached Robert Koshgarian to create a series of art pieces for the interior walls of the store. A unique series of pieces placing the mascot “Chillz” into a historic timeline.

      Chillz, accompanies classic stars of film (celebrities), in historic locations, where the concept of an “original” or “classic” Chillz store would have been. The image development was created in close communication with owner Dan Caldwell. Dan, is the former owner of the clothing brand “Tapout” and a character on a TV series featured on NBC Sport, titled “Tapout.” Tapout’s brand originated with clothing and this is where he created the very successful brand’s graphics department and original image/ style.

      In the development of the “Chillz” art, 3D software and animation tools were used to orient and create depth of the formerly 2Dimentional character logo. The need for flexible design and incorporation to match existing photos, lead Robert to use some advanced character animation tools. He created still renderings with accurate lighting and body formations and combined the images in photo editing software. Since the character was treated as an animated character for the stills, Robert proposed a clip of “Chillz” to be animated and included into the stores video reel. A short clip that would fit in with a quick alternating set of internet video and branding materials.

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