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A resolution between deterministic and stochastic rhythms. ILLUMI, was designed as an experiment to create fluid and organically balanced random actions from controlled choreographed algorithms.  

At first glance, a tree's root system or the traced motion lines of a ballet dancer's hands and feet through space, would appear  undetermined or stochastic. Stochastic, because of the lack of pretext. If you see the dancer's traced motions after the performance and never saw the performance, would the deterministic process that created them be obvious? No, but you would understand there must be a set of determined steps consolidated, organized, and memorized by the dancer to create this irregular pattern. 

It is the representation or understanding of time and sequence that allow us to see the deterministic process that created these irregular patterns. Representing dozens of predetermined trajectories frozen and lacking references to time and/or sequence would present a result both deterministic and stochastic.  

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