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    Grand Avenue of Los Angeles, is quickly becoming the epicenter of culture and living, in the city. This epic center, has grown significantly in the past few decade. Introducing such inspiring facilities as, the Disney Concert Hall, MOCA, The Colburn School, Music center, LA municiple buildings, and the new Broad Art Museum. Linear City Development LLC. , Would like to propose an addition to this already rich center, extending it's influence in this district. Our concept is to temporarily house visiting talent and extended stay visitors.

       Linear City’s Proposal, titled: “The Weekly Hotel”, is named after its initial intent, an extended stay hotel. Guest of “The Weekly Hotel”, will be the upper echelon of the city and cultural enthusiast alike. A melting pot of cultural genius, luxury accommodations, and useful facilities to relax the already overwhelmed cultural enthusiast. Beyond the repose provided by the hotel, a new market place of art procurement, culturally diverse foods, and business facilities, support a growing culture hub. Bridges spanning the new "MTA Regional Connector" and essential recreational facilities; “The Weekly” can support the needs of it’s own visitors and the needs of a surrounding community. The Weekly Hotel invites the daily traffic to pass through it and experience the momentary delay the lush greenery and bustling creativity, provide.

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For this RFP, Robert was a consultant with Linear City Development, as well, inside WHY Architecture's office for the duration of the project. Initiated as an invitation to Linear City Development, it was accepted and a team of three members were chosen to begin. Team manager, my self and one other took charge of formulating the concept, building type, and program. A major emphasis was placed on planning interactions between the public and architecture, through program choices that did not only cater to a growing residential environment.  as an Urban planning strategy, the first few floors are dedicated to public circulation, consumer goods, and business needs. The project includes a, Biz Hub center above the combined open and closed air market space. Some restaurants and retail stores are arrayed across the plaza ground floor. As well, bridges connecting the Disney Concert Hall and new MTA Regional connector plaza levels to ours.

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