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  " W / (in) TENSION " also known as " W.I.T.," is an experiment in motion controlled architecture. The first experiment for "WIT" was a tent like shelter and entangle the building's form and typology, with a user's gestures and proportions. The tent is an example of maxim efficiency for space and implies the absolute minimal use of energy in a man made shelter. So the requirements for "WIT's" design,  was a shearing and compressing form. Something able to compress parts of it's whole, without collapsing the total volumes. This maximizes the efficiency of wasted energy when occupiable space goes unused. Only where the user is, does the volume remain expanded and uses energy.

  The tensegrity idea, is a series of tension cables built into the frame of each profile, making a platonic solid geometry. This solid geometry bound by tension is a freestanding volume. Tension cables are sewn through a frame made of six squares and eight triangles; mathematical name "Cuboctahedron." Each edge of each triangle profile, is a shared edge between the adjacent square profiles.

A shearing and compressing form, "WIT", stands in reaction of its inhabitant. It inflates and deflates is volume based on users distance from each intersecting point of the structure. Heigh, gurth, orientation, and location are factors to be registered by a body scanning device; an Xbox Kinetics is used in this experiment. This information is read as points in 3D space and the values remapped to control the push or pull of a point on the structure.

is an experiment to follow the trajectory of a dynamic structure’s interaction with dynamic tenants. Constantly reading the user and seeking to find its optimal living condition by compressing and shearing it’s mass to fit within any context. Reaching closer to a perfected building site orientation; changing with in “real-time.” IRIS: A prototype to capture motion of our focuses. Three digital cameras, one facing the world and two watching the user’s right side retina. Iris, receives retina scaled data and translates it through Java as physical commands of “smart” gadgets. QR codes with predefined operations linked to systemic gadgets.

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