BATWING CONSPIRACY | Fiber Glass Comps. 

Batwing, is an composite sculpture of fiber glass and epoxy resin. The sculpture was constructed as apart of a workshop held at UCLA's SupraStudio. Instructor, Julia Korner, introduced the teams to DIY and professional techniques for using and studying this material when used to create forms. A geometric topic was assigned, Batwing's being the minimal surface. Schoen's Batwing captured the teams interest and molds were designed, cnc cut, and laminated to create 12 similar panels (regular and mirror sets).


Robert Koshgarian | Mark Villanueva | Oleg Mikhailik | Ismael Soto | Katie Chuh


Julia Koerner


* UCLA A.UD Currents: Winter 2014 - Los Angeles CA

* Rob|Arch 2014 Conference - Ann Arbor MI

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Neil Smith [Composites One] Rick Pauer [CCP Composites]Doug Smith [RTM North] & Bill Kreysler [Kreysler & Associates]

Robot Lab:

Peter Vikar

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A minimal surface is defined as a surface that spans a boundary with the least surface area, using the minimal energy necessary to create a surface. It represents the extreme in motion under curvature, or curvature flow, in which instances within a normal curve move perpendicular to the curve with the speed proportional to the curvature resulting in the smallest surface area within the closed curve (Sethian). It is equivalent to say that a straight line is the minimal curve of any normal curve subjected to curvature flow.

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Schoen's Batwing - Paper Model Assembly

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GRASSHOPPER - RHINO V5 - Schoen's Batwing definition 


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