w/ (in) TENSION

HOTF, is the acronym for “House of the Future.” An ambitious attempt to ask the question of what comes next? A possibility derived and valid to ask within the stochastic state of our understanding for the future. We assume that all the parts exist to aggregate some sort of idea. Our future residents, further more our existence beyond the indescribably static state of architecture. Contemporary engineering has embraced the condition of dynamic motion as our future. However, the state of architecture is crawling towards this notion. Engineering embraces of motion is obvious in our transportation innovations over the last century to our mobile devices. Controlling the movement in all directions is key. HOTF seeks to insert this key idea of motion into architecture. In architecture’s move forward, it is not enough and should already be presumed that fixtures can and will have autonomous motion in our future residents. Doors, windows, lights, cooking appliances, cleaning equipment, etc. already have and will expand their autonomic intrusion on our manual life. There must be more though tho. It is not enough for everything in the house to move and the house just sits there.

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